dear judas (dead letter #1)

dear judas (dead letter #1)


Dear Judas is the first chapbook of the dead letters series by Melissa Jennings. The chapbook is a stream of consciousness, containing 26 letters/poems addressing Judas, asking if he knew who he was going to be. The author explores their own experience of betrayal, regret, and asking whether people can truly be forgiven.
Below is the book's content warnings - please practice self-care.

Content Warnings:
p.1 – self-harm imagery, mention of knife, violence
p.2 – blood, death, injury
p.4 – death, blood
p.6 – low self-esteem, PTSD
p.9 – injury imagery, suicidal imagery
p.10 – knife imagery
p.14 – sexual imagery
p.15 – injury imagery
p.16 – pain imagery
p.17 – pain imagery
p.19 – violence, pain
p.20 – PTSD
p.21 – PTSD, blood, injury
p.22 – sexual imagery
p.23 – injury
p.24 – violence, blood

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Title:dear judas (dead letter #1)
Edition Language:English
Format Type:PDF | Epub | Mobi | iBook
4.4 of 5 stars (Votes: 743)

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  • Helen

    Firstly, I loved the concept of this chapbook - a short collection of poems addressed to a 'Judas' figure in the speaker's life, someone who has betrayed them. I think everyone has at least one person...

  • Amanda Butler

    I had the honor of beta reading this book, and I am ecstatic to hold the complete form in my hands. Every poem Jennings writes holds a powerful journey. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of ...

  • Gab

    I was given an eARC copy of this book by the author. It will not change my opinions about the book. Thank you. Dear Judas is a collection of poetry addressing to Judas or to the epitome of Judas in...

  • Isabelle

    I received a PDF in exchange for an honest review (thank you!)A collection which explores those who ‘leave their mark on the world’ – a world soured by the presence of ‘Judas’ and memories w...

  • McKayla Debonis

    I am blown away. I can really see the growth in Melissa’s writing since their last book, they have really grown as a writer.This collection is so relatable. I hate bringing that word into my reviews...

  • Luna Margo Valentine

    I was given a free PDF copy of "dear judas" by the author in exchange for an honest review. "when you were born, did you know that you would be who you were?"this was phenomenal. every word seemed to ...

  • Chris Duffy

    An incredibly holistic, well connected collection, the theme was strong throughout. I couldn't put it down and read it all in one sitting. Would highly recommend....

  • Leila Tualla

    I enjoyed Melissa Jenning's debut collection, Afterlife. Admittedly, it took me a while to truly get into the collection's headspace. Dear Judas was nothing like that. If anything, I devoured this in ...

  • Ashly

    "they looked at how you glowed, not how you weresurrounded by darkness."I adore theology in every form, so the theme of this collection immediately piqued my interest. It's a unique chapbook with movi...

  • Lexi Vranick

    *I was given a PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review (Thank you, Melissa!).* You know how certain books find you at just the right time in your life, delivering just the right words y...